Sauron vs darth vader

And just because he didn't, doesn't mean he could. The way that Sauron wins is by giving them lesser Rings of Power. Yoda himself admitted Sidious was too powerful. Windu beat Palpatine that's a legit win not your opponent leaving because backup has arrived and you're yards away from your opponent.

All "Vader" managed to do was kill padawan. We both know this to be the case. Thanks for conceding the point. You're a fucking idiot, serenade, have you even seen the movies?

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SophisticatedBrew March 2, at PM. Originally posted by dadudemon Not irrelevant specifically for Maia and the like Share: Share. And if you paid foro bitcoin pcbolsa you would know it was the Witch King.

Sauron-Winner · +Stronger · +More experience · +Capabilities with the Ring are endless · +Magical abilities gave him the range advantage · +Hoards of.

It's a stupid rule. Mon, Jan 6, PM. Heck look what happend to Palpatine when he takes a strong continuous blast I have because Originally posted by quanchi Wrong movie, sport.

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Besides, Sauron is more of a spirit. Thanks and have fun. Which I already said yes to, should the Balrog hit the hilt it would probably break; it's still an irrelevant point.

Helpful Widget No Yes. Thank you for conceding.

While Vader is probably the most legendary villain of all time, this fight is between a powerful space wizard and a literal god. Victory to Sauron, Lord of.

Could you make them the same or eliminate one and I'd strongly suggest asking who's the most powerful. Good luck with a geek war.

Season 2: Darth Vader (Star Wars) vs Sauron (The Lord of the Rings) · Much Stronger and more Durable than Vader · The only way to completely.

Begin typing your search term above and press enter to search. Him being a god is really only a relative term.

You make an extremely good point, but I stand by my choice, sauron vs darth vader here's why. Oh, and the prophecy on the WK? Physical attacks are dangerous against a lightsaber so I think Sauron would just use intense magical might to overpowe Vader from a distance.

You have a point with Gandalf.

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It jsut isnt feasible for any of them to beat one of the Sith or Yoda. Vader's lack of organic hands is the direct reason he cannot create Force lightning, as Dooku and Palpatine could" "Although Vader remains a formidable warrior second only to Palpatine in his dark side potentialthe grave injuries he sustains during the duel with Obi-Wan greatly reduce his power with the Force; as Vader, he is a mere shadow of his former Jedi self.

Again, wrong as well. The Debate is, can they harm Sauron.

Melkor and Sauron(LOTR) vs Palpatine and Darth Vader(Star Wars)

The times, they are a-changing. A fireball will do worse damage than a brief blast of force lightning. What happens after is irrelevant. Oh, and one more stipulation, which should really go without saying: This is movie incarnarions only. Originally posted by quanchi Do you understand how movies work?

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It struck audiences hard, and added a level of complexity to Vader's character that instantly made him relatable. Reply 1 like. Seriously, you call this an argument you're winning? Sauron could defeat them in a group.

Darth Vader is not simply a rote and mysterious foe - he has a powerful narrative arc, the foundation of which is a tragic fall from grace and a.

Sidious also beat Yoda. Palpatine held the higher ground and the environment also greatly benefited him.

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I remember when Grievous was pretty badass. Vader, in his weakened canon state, can make extremely durable chitinous troll sized creatures explode by merely extending his hand. • View topic - Darth Vader vs Sauron

That's it. Which is demonstratably a better durability feat than what Sauron can dish out.

Who's More Awesome: Sauron Vs. Darth Vader

I've already provided proof that he can't because he didn't to save his own life. Sorry, brah. Originally posted by dadudemon Thanks Who would win Sauron vs Darth Vader?

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Edit: Looked up some stuff and it seems Melkor could not die but Sauron could YOU need to relax, doodoo head. I think sauron vs darth vader actual quote is, "'He has only four [fingers] on the Black Hand, but they are enough', said Gollum shuddering.

When he shocks Mace Windu with full power his skeleton is illuminated briefly like Vader's.

Feb 6, - [IMG] First of all, yes, I have used the search function, and the last Sauron vs. Vader thread was made 10 years ago, and then I decided to.

He was calm when fighting, rarely using acrobatics. Regardless, the issue of Sauron's form is pretty strongly debated, and so I chose to go with the movie's representation as sauron vs darth vader is the most commonly known representation although does have it's flaws.

Even in physical connor Sauron could defeat Darth Vader using pure strength that a balrog would have. You say how Vader could a starship down.

Would you try to kill your own son? No need to be spiteful, dude. Sauron was no slouch when it came to hand to hand combat. I mean, Melkor vs Abeloth is more fair. Yes, it hurts but Sauron is obviously a lot more powerful than a human being which the force lightning hasn't killed as of yet we can attribute a death due to the force of it aline.

Sauron vs Darth Vader - Superhero Database

Posted by Walter at PM. However, just because his physical "form" is destroyed or abandoned, doesn't mean the Dark Lord is truly dead. Learn a bit about Sauron vs darth vader Wars please.

It smacks Gandalf multiple times while they're falling and the frail old man just shrugs it off. Plus Vader fought his own son and later his boss. › wiki › Sauron_VS_Darth_Vader.

New posts. Prior to becoming Darth Vader, Anakin Skywalker was one of the most powerful Force users of all time.

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Location Somewhere. Troll harder next time. That sword would slice off Yoda's fingers or Palpatine's as well.

Who would win Sauron vs Darth Vader?

The fact that Gandalf survived the fall from the Bridge of Khazad-dum, chased the Balrog from the depths of Moria to the highest heights of the mountain, fought the Balrog for two days, and then summoned lightning to power Glamdring to make the kill, without his staff, proves that he, not a stick, is magic.

The Transporter said:. RE: Blaxican Aye, it sucks.

Sauron is a shape-shifting demi-god who has been around ME for thousands of years and is a master of cunning, dark magic, and deception. · Darth Vader too has.

So your whole 'can't take form' is kind of void. Is this Quanchi vs. Robtard Originally posted by quanchi With limited screen time all you need to show is it occurring once. A similar strike against an unarmored bar patron, from Obi Wan, sauron vs darth vader that fella's arm right off.

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Man I needed that Nerdvana recharge. Was Gimli the last dwarf?

27 points • 24 comments - SAURON vs DARTH VADER Who would win in a fight? Who is the better "dark lord"? - 9GAG has the best funny pics, gifs, videos.

This is not a fair fight. Good times. Nephthys Plus how much cutting force or impact does the Balrog's sword really have? First, Grievous has his cough well before then. Vader can strike more times in a second, but sauron can pretty much whack him aside before he crosses the distance.

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No, I still think he needs to deflect it, because I am not quite sure how much his armor will hold up to it. At first, he was as Eru had created him: good and uncorrupt. Anonymous January 23, at AM. Chess: This is the first face-0ff thus far in which both competitors are unbelievably qualified for chess.

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When he amps himself with the ring we see how much more powerful his strikes become. Saruman is his ally and puppet, fighting to help Sauron gain control over Middle-Earth. The torch was to prove a point about the fire not consuming the rest of it just like the lightsaber won't be consumed either.

Gandalf was called an "old man" in that extended scene. › forums › battles-7 › darth-vader-vs-sauronphys.

The staff was resisting his attacks so if he could have broken it he would have. So powerful in fact that simple mortals can be driven insane or burned by his mere presence. Lightsabers can melt through reinforced blast doors far harder than steel. Originally posted by Robtard No need to be spiteful, dude. With that Lucas can celebrate again, having redeemed himself from screwing his fans over with episodes You said it was because of what had previously occured.

Vader beats Sauron in combat, locking him in a cell with Dr. Ball. These interrogations lead to more and more ideas over how to run the Empire, including.

I was under the impression that it tied into the movie, so it could be used. He'd be toasted. Thus, Luke was obviously not taking a full blast. › whowouldwin › comments › lets_settle_this_sauron_vs_.

As I've said already I'm so tired of these two being put together. Originally posted by quanchi 3.

Sauron vs darth vader